Image of Gropher / Shroomper Plush zoom Sold Out
Image of Gropher / Shroomper Plush zoom Sold Out
Image of Gropher / Shroomper Plush zoom Sold Out
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Gropher / Shroomper Plush


Sold Out

Meet Gopher
Gropher is very generous, maybe too much so

These Waldorf inspired felt mushroom miniatures are all handmade by me from naturally antibacterial, wool felt and other natural materials.

Simple toys made from natural materials are important for the wholesome development of young children. Waldorf dolls are intentionally made simple with neutral expressions in order to encourage children to strengthen their own imagination and creativity.

Children love them and the story behind them but Shroompers are not just for children. They make a special gift since each one represents a unique character. They can be displayed around the house, on a nature table, or at the office to bring some natural cuteness into you environment. Your Shroomper offers you much needed cute therapy! Just a momentary glance at your Shroomper makes you feel good!

Shroompers are eco friendly and well made. They are about 2.5 inches tall,hand sewn using cotton thread, 100% wool felt and100% wool filling. Some details are glued on with non-toxic glue.

The Shipping cost listed is the same if you order one, two, three. or up to Ten Shroompers. It's just a single shipping charge of the amount listed below.

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