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Shroompers DollHouse / Playscape comes with one Shroomper


This is the perfect Toy House to give your Shroompers a place to live and to really invigorate your child's (or your) imagination. The Shroomper world comes alive with this artfully designed dollhouse! It is entirely handmade by me from naturally antibacterial, wool felt. It is stuffed but firm so it is both flexible and keeps it's shape.

The listing includes one Shroomper of your choice!
Just email us with your choice of Shroomper or add it as a note to your purchase and we will include him or her with your shipment.

We can also take payments for the house. Three payments of $75. email us and we will set up a listing for this. As soon as the first payment is made the house is reserved for you!

The Shroomper doll house is 7 inches tall x 13 inches wide and 11 inches deep (including the playscape).

The Shroompers Doll House is eco friendly and extremely well made. It is entirely hand stitched using cotton thread, 100% wool felt and100% wool filling. Some details are glued on with non-toxic glue.

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